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Welcome to the 8th sign of the zodiac named Scorpion! Strengths and Weaknesses or Just Scorpios’ Nature. When we talk about Scorpios born between 23 October and 21 November, we should have a look at the characteristics making them become extremely attractive.

On one hand, they are intuitive, brave, focused, faithful, ambitious, and balanced. On the other hand, they are obsessive, manipulative, secretive, and suspicious. Even we mention their weaknesses; we can feel the taste of attraction of this sign. The way they attract you strongly and the way they lie to you perfectly. People seem not to escape from Scorpios’ eyesight because Scorpios know what people are thinking in their mind secretly. They are an ideal choice for someone needing a complicated case to investigate. Because of their complex and contradictory nature, they are the sign causing most misunderstanding in the zodiac.

Look Deep into Their Eyes…

Scorpios are extremely independent and they are the one who enable to have great impact on other people. They are amazing leaders because they own sufficient abilities to control and solve varied types of people and situations.

When we look at their eyes closely, their eyes speak to us that we should be careful with his power and emotions. We can find how much passionate they are, and we can find that how intense and contradictory they are. If we decide to be a long term part to them, we must make them respect us. We must be the one who can touch the bottom of their hearts with our true self . Yes, they are strong, smart, and mysterious ones. Yes, they are also sensitive and lonely. Never try to control them! Let them lead! Though they are moody secretly, they are amazing protectors. If you want to more any aspect relevant to Scorpios, ask Cancer Horoscope!

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